September / October 2020 Volume 19, No. 5

Reflections on a Pivotal Time

As I draft this final column of my term as your AAMFT president, I cannot help but reflect on the sense of wonder and awe of this uniquely historic year. It is almost cliché to keep highlighting the unprecedented times in which we are living. I say almost because it is true—and almost every day [...]

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May / June 2020 Volume 19, No. 3

Caring and Connecting

In so called normal times, I would be reflecting on the promises of spring and joys of summer. At the time I am drafting this column, nearly 350,000 people across the globe have died of complications due to coronavirus—and that is likely an undercount. In the U.S. we are approaching nearly one-third of that total. [...]

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January / February 2020 Volume 19, No. 1

The Road Ahead

Happy New Year 2020! Just saying that conjures a sense of vision. My hope is that this year—indeed, this decade—is one of vision, foresight, and generativity. I’m staring down the road of my second year as president—and thinking beyond. I’m reflecting on the thematic aims and hopes I expressed last year for my term of [...]

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