Attending to the Whole System: Eco-Informed Family Therapy

Through our widespread abuse of the environment and our refusal to accept that humans are a part of the ecosystem—not separate from it—our own well-being is in peril. Systemic therapists are ideally suited to embrace eco-informed family therapy..
Tracey A. Laszloffy, PhD and Markie L. C. Twist, PhD

MFTs and Climate Change: A Call to Action

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters are increasing across the globe and MFTs can no longer afford to stand idly by. It’s time to pull up a chair to the climate change table and ask, “How can we help?”
Kyle Horst, PhD

Helping Families Cope With Disasters

A disaster doesn’t have to mean family problems if families remain connected and look for opportunities to transform themselves and their communities.
Michael Ungar, PhD

When a natural disaster wipes out a family home or a climate emergency like Hurricane Sandy displaces large numbers of people, those narratives that shape our collective identity are at risk of disappearing.

Recent Issues

Disability and the Family
MAY / JUNE 2021

Disability and the Family

Topics including interventions, disability & stigma, and neurodiversity.

Working with Trans Clients and Their Families

Working with Trans Clients and Their Families

Topics including body dysmorphia, trans youth and their parents, and trans feminine clients.

Hope, Healing and Moving On

Hope, Healing and Moving On

Topics including hope as a natural compliment to MFT, therapeutic activism, and impacts of the pandemic and systemic racism on foster youth.

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