Let’s Talk About Trans Sex

Sexuality models and interventions often leave trans people neglected, as they are not afforded the same sexual privilege as cisgender clients, a topic that is often dismissed in sexuality research.

Tristan K. Martin, PhD

Affirmative Therapy with Trans and Gender Expansive (TGE) Youth and Their Parents

When youth are expressing gender expansiveness or claiming a trans identity, it is common for parents to seek therapy for help navigating their child’s process.

Deb Coolhart, PhD

Unpacking Femininity: Supporting Trans Feminine Clients and Inhibiting Clinical Bias

Trans feminine individuals, particularly those of color, are considered greatly marginalized, facing a host of daunting issues including higher prevalence of mental health issues, financial hardship, rejection, abuse, and sexual stigmatization.

Jennifer Coppola, PhD

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The idea of femininity (just like masculinity) is embedded in our social and cultural networks from the time of our birth. It also shifts with the sociopolitical climate, sometimes positively, other times negatively.

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