March / April 2023 Volume 22, No. 2

When the World Ceased to Exist, As We Know It: A Russian Therapist’s Experience Working with Ukrainian Refugees

You — My country, hope and sorrow —     Homeland. I'm going home, Let them shout it's ugly, But we like it all the same —DDT (Russian rock group proclaimed illegal in Russian Federation in 2022) Ukrainian refugees The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and the prolonged escalation of the international armed [...]

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September / October 2022 Volume 21, No. 5

Bringing our Best to the Table: What Is It Like to Work as a Trainer in a Post-Conflict State?

An Interview with Rainela Xhemollari, Family Therapist in the UK The challenges of providing family therapy services during complex emergencies or humanitarian settings, such as those which may be found in a post conflict state, increase exponentially—in both quality and quantity—in ways that can be strikingly confounding, even for the most seasoned of family therapy [...]

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July / August 2022 Volume 21, No. 4

From Mumbai and Virginia Tech to Houston & Haryana: A Global Journey in Family Therapy Education, Training and Practice

Inviting Families into Systemic Therapeutic Spaces in India: Strengthening Access to Family Therapy in Low and Middle Income Countries This article is offered free by AAMFT. If you are interested in accessing members-only content, join today! I (MP) was born and raised in the small town of Odisha, and was first introduced to family therapy [...]

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May / June 2022 Volume 21, No. 3

The Role of Family Therapists and the Social Determinants of Health: A Systemic Investment in our Global Future

A note from the authors: Before the ink had dried on our team’s previous piece in the March/April issue of Family Therapy Magazine (Family Evacuation after the Collapse of Afghanistan: 100,000+ Stories Yet to be Told; Charlés & Lewis, 2022), Russian forces had invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine. When we first proposed this series, [...]

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