March / April 2023 Volume 22, No. 2

Thank You!

I want to extend a sincere “Thank You” to the AAMFT Board of Directors in offering me the privilege and honor to serve as AAMFT’s first female CEO. AAMFT and I are not new to one another; I’ve been happy to call AAMFT my professional home for over 34 years. It was a bit of [...]

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November / December 2022 Volume 21, No.6

AAMFT’s Next Evolution

Throughout AAMFT’s history, there have been eras of focus by the Association. Of course, in the early days, AAMFT was simply focusing on establishing itself as an association. Such things as naming, determining who could be a member, and deciding what exactly its purpose was marked the era. Nichols (1992) referred to this time period [...]

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March / April 2022 Volume 21, No. 2

Advancing the profession and practice of marriage and family therapy

In 2021 the AAMFT Board of Directors approved an updated Strategic Plan. The introduction of the Plan states: AAMFT is a responsive and nimble association, attuned to the contexts of our evolving environments and adaptive to circumstances that impact the profession and practice of systemic and relational therapies. With awareness of the growing need in [...]

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November / December 2021 Volume 20, No. 6

Times Are Changing

It has been 12 years since Montana, as the last state, obtained licensure (literally days behind West Virginia). Since that time, AAMFT has worked with divisions and more recently, Family TEAM, to strengthen the license throughout the United States. We won a hard-fought battle with the Texas Medical Association over our ability to diagnose. Last [...]

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July / August 2021 Volume 20, No. 4

Change in Our World

Change in our world is infinite in its variety and finicky in its speed. Mt. Everest took millions of years to form, while the tsunami of 2004 only took 20 minutes to start wreaking death and destruction. A mass shooting today, governmental actions that create immediate changes in the populous, a building collapsing that kills [...]

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March / April 2021 Volume 20, No.2

Community, Hope, Resiliency

This issue of FTM marks the one-year anniversary of swift and radical changes—and they are not over. You have had a tiring, challenging, and undoubtedly frustrating year. Balancing home and work are difficult but that took on an entirely new effort over the last 12 months. Despite 2021 having glimmers of potential difference, with prognosticators [...]

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November / December 2020 Volume 19, No. 6

2020 – A Pivotal Year

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year. However, I’m pleased that AAMFT was able to remain focused on supporting members and efforts to make the world a better place and staying true to the scope of the AAMFT Strategic Plan. Every key planned activity—from Leadership Symposium to Board meetings to advocacy [...]

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July / August 2020 Volume 19, No. 4

Conversations Must Lead to Action

Obviously, I’m privileged. Nearly every situation, challenge, and opportunity provides me advantages that other people do not experience. Recognizing this, over the years I have dealt with the range of emotions that accompany this: guilt, frustration, embarrassment, worry, anger. Over time, these emotions have changed to a cautious acceptance of privilege, enhanced feelings of responsibility, [...]

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March / April 2020 Volume 19, No. 2

Washing Away Dated Policies

Personal disclosure: As I attempt to draft my column, we have canceled the Leadership Symposium, canceled an in-person Board meeting and transitioned to a virtual Board meeting, transitioned all operations to remote locations…actions I couldn’t have concieved of a few weeks ago yet nothing more or less than everyone else is doing right now. My [...]

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