May / June 2024 Volume 23, No. 3

Happy Spring/Summer Dear Members!

As fellow humans subject to mental health conditions ourselves, career and workplace challenges are areas that I trust we can universally agree we share with our clients. COVID-19 made this particularly poignant as most of us were impacted in parallel ways to our client population—some of you might have been employed at institutions where you [...]

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January/February 2024 Volume 23, No. 1

Greetings AAMFT Members! Hola Miembros de AAMFT!

This issue of FTM is quite personal for me as both a Latinx female and the child of immigrants. The articles written for and selected for this issue reflect how first, second, third and beyond generations of children, adolescents, and young adults have evolved through the process of acculturation—a quest for belongingness in a new [...]

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September / October 2023 Volume 22, No. 5

One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

I love my “one size fits all” accessories! Especially my oh, so very comfortable leggings, a staple of my virtual therapy wardrobe! This issue of the Family Therapy magazine (FTM) delves into a topic that may not be so comfortable for many, whether you’re a Black therapist who has experienced your own racial trauma in [...]

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May / June 2023 Volume 22, No. 3

Necessary Losses

I first read Judith Viorst’s book, Necessary Losses, when it came out in 1998, towards the early phase of my career. The idea that loss was necessary, not just an inevitable part of life, was somehow radical for me as a child of refugees, growing up with multiple losses of family, home, and history. Loss [...]

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January / February 2023 Volume 22, No. 1

Beginning Anew in 2023

I am filled with gratitude as I welcome 2023 as the new, incoming President of AAMFT: we have a new, incoming CEO, Christine Michaels; a new group of Board members; some ongoing challenges which we are newly poised to tackle, and opportunities that await us as we are in as strong a fiscal and strategic [...]

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September / October 2022 Volume 21, No. 5

Systemic Understanding for Healing and Health

For the past four years, I have been serving on the AAMFT Board of Directors in my presidency tenure (two years as president-elect, two years as president; in 2023 I will shift to past-president). I have watched in awe as the world changed in some radical ways, and alongside my fellow board members, have worked [...]

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May / June 2022 Volume 21, No. 3

A Warm Salutation to Each of You

One of my favorite novels is The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusak. Set in 1939 Munich, Death tells the story of an assembled “family” amid chaos, fear, book banning, and love. I’m re-reading this book right now. It is essentially an MFT book, in that it recognizes that relationships are fundamental to the health and [...]

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January / February 2022 Volume 21, No. 1

Farewell 2021 … Hello 2022!

It’s that time of year again, to glance into the rearview mirror at what lies behind and to look to what lies ahead. As you look in the rearview mirror of your past year, what do you see? We’ve all been enduring a worldwide pandemic—that is still ongoing—and it has shaped each of us, our [...]

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September / October 2021 Volume 20, No. 5

Profession and Practice

In the AAMFT Governance Policies (December 2019)—and on the AAMFT website—there is a Core Purpose statement of AAMFT that reads, “Recognizing that relationships are fundamental to the health and well-being of individuals, couples, families, and communities, AAMFT exists to advance the profession and the practice of marriage and family therapy.” Have you ever considered what [...]

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May / June 2021 Volume 20, No. 3

Change and Hope

In January, I reflected on hope for 2021 with vaccines on their way and the promise of perhaps moving as an entire worldwide system to the other side of COVID19. In a few days, I will receive my second “jab” and be filled with gratitude that I have the ability to receive a life-saving miracle-of-science [...]

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