May / June 2020 Volume 19, No. 3

My Best Advice for MFTs Providing Court Testimony

In the course of professional practice as a mental health professional, I have responded to many subpoenas and been questioned in the process of legal discovery numerous times. I have only provided testimony on the stand in court twice, but over the past nearly two decades, I have advised and observed untold therapists who have [...]

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March / April 2020 Volume 19, No. 2

The Ethical Implications of Advertising MFT Professional Services

Technology has facilitated new ways in which clinicians can attract and connect with potential clients. Nowadays, many clinicians use social media platforms to reach potential clients. Social media advertising allows for an informal format and fast launch; however, the content of the advertisement might lead to potential ethical implications if the advertisement does not follow [...]

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January / February 2020 Volume 19, No. 1

The Ethics of Teaching Ethics

A few years ago, I was asked to teach an ethics course to satisfy Washington State requirements for MFT license renewal. The state requires six hours of ethics for each renewal period. While I had always prided myself on practicing ethically, I had never even contemplated that I knew enough to teach ethics. Somehow, I [...]

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