March / April 2022 Volume 21, No. 2

The International Student Experience Studying in the USA: Tips for Students and Hosts

International students and the US educational system For over a century, the United States has been a global leader in higher education, hosting more than a million international students a year, currently representing almost 5% of the total US enrollment. More than half of these international students are from Asia (predominantly China and India). International [...]

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September / October 2021 Volume 20, No. 5

My Living Purse

Recently, I said goodbye to a dear friend and companion. Millions of people have a dog story; this is my story. December 2008, I felt a coworker’s excitement about getting her kids dogs for Christmas. As I listened in, I had the thought of wanting a dog for myself. When I made the decision to [...]

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July / August 2021 Volume 20, No. 4

Transgenerational Trauma: A Memory of a Therapist to Be

“Can you just slow down? Can you drive slower?” cousin Mary requested as she sat beside me. “I can,” I assured her as I dropped my speed. “But we’re on the highway and I have to keep up.” It was 1964 and at that time I had no idea what post-traumatic stress could be, notwithstanding [...]

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