AAMFT Participates in Launch of New Organization: The Systemic Family Therapy Association-Kenya (SFTA-K)


February 8, 2024 was a historic day for the field of marriage and family therapy in Kenya. The Systemic Family Therapy Association-Kenya (SFTA-K) was successfully launched. Official sponsors, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, were not only present via teleconferencing, but played a significant role in supporting this launch.

This launch marked the inception of further growth of the field of marriage and family therapy in the continent of Africa. The Board of Directors worked tirelessly to ensure that now MFTs not only in Kenya but in the continent have a place to call home. This occasion was attended by stakeholders in the community hailing from various sectors such as the judiciary, medical, banking, legal, government, NGOs and religious sectors to name a few. The event surpassed the numbers of attendees expected which demonstrated the need for the association and the need for the systemic work of MFTs. The Counsellors and Psychologists Board members were represented by the chair of the Board of Directors, Dr. Oscar Githua, and Mrs. Bernadette Nashelo Roimen, the minorities and inclusion director. This is the government board that regulates the mental health fraternities in the country. It was an honor to have them grace this auspicious event.

The event sponsor, AAMFT, congratulates the new organization on this historic milestone. AAMFT President Kaminksy commented: “We are very proud indeed to support Kenya’s MFTs, systemic students and practitioners—and hopefully others as well throughout the continent. It is very exciting for AAMFT to be a part of this first conference of SFTA-Kenya.”

Photo: SFTA-K Board of Directors. Aashni Shah (president elect), Daisy Kosgey (treasurer), Patricia Arisi (President), Nazik Jeizan (Student representative), Alice Kamundi (Secretary), Dr. Michelle Karume (Advisor)

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