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MARCH / APRIL 2021      VOLUME 20, NO. 2

Working with Trans Clients and Their Families

Let’s Talk About Trans Sex

Hope is a natural complement to the practice of MFT—a discipline that prioritizes systemic strength and health, as opposed to more individual therapy modalities that are focused on psychopathology and dysfunction. Many MFT classic models have traditionally had a hopeful focus, attempting to highlight positive aspects of relationships.
Tristan K. Martin, PhD

Affirmative Therapy with Trans and Gender Expansive (TGE) Youth and Their Parents

Family therapists have long used anomalies in therapy as the sparkling moments to generate workable goals and lasting change. For systemic thinkers, the anomalies of 2020 can catalyze our collective change, away from political neutrality and into sincere and compassionate political activism.
Deb Coolhart, PhD

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The idea of femininity (just like masculinity) is embedded in our social and cultural networks from the time of our birth. It also shifts with the sociopolitical climate, sometimes positively, other times negatively.

thumbnail Unpacking Femininity

Unpacking Femininity: Supporting Trans Feminine Clients and Inhibiting Clinical Bias

Trans feminine individuals, particularly those of color, are considered greatly marginalized, facing a host of daunting issues including higher prevalence of mental health issues, financial hardship, rejection, abuse, and sexual stigmatization.
Jennifer Coppola, PhD

Thumbnail Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes Against Transgender People

The jarring and persistent rise of hate crimes against transgender people has gotten more attention from social scientists and the media of late, which may bring more resources to the problem and prompt more victims to seek help.
James Paterson

Tracy Todd

A Message from the CEO

Community, Hope, Resiliency

This issue of FTM marks the one-year anniversary of swift and radical changes—and they are not over. You have had a tiring, challenging, and undoubtedly frustrating year. Balancing home and work are difficult but that took on an entirely new effort over the last 12 months.
Tracy Todd, PhD
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