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Boomers Today

The Boomer Generation and Myths about Aging

Given that marriage and family therapists are likely seeing an increase in older clients come through their doors, here are three common myths about aging and older adults that might provide helpful guidance in working with clients of the boomer generation.
Jeremy B. Yorgason, PhD and Richard B. Miller, PhD

Meaning of Aging in a Time of Crisis

In the U.S., ageism has a deep influence on attitudes, social behaviors, cultural values, and belief systems. On the other hand, the concept of resilience promotes a different perspective on aging, whereby older adults are viewed as enjoying their later years rather than just surviving and “getting by.”
Yulia Watters, PhD

While it is true that most people make changes in midlife, it is rarely a “Hollywood style” crisis that seeks to meet narcissistic needs; rather, it is usually a mid-course correction that points them in the direction of more mature goals and values.

SO20-F3 Living Apart Together

Living Apart Together: Cultivating New Possibilities in Old Age

For some couples, loving each other and sharing a life together do not require the same address. Baby boomers are paving a new path for pair bonding, as they experiment with living arrangements and reestablish patterns for companionship in retirement.
Jennifer J. Lambert-Shute, PhD and Hoa N. Nguyen, PhD

SO20-F4 Gray Divorce

Gray Divorce: Splitting Up in Later Life

Around the world, people are living longer. With improvements and advances in technology and medicine, gone are the days of old folks passing their days in rocking chairs on the porch. Couples may find they lack common interests once the nest has emptied, or their interests have developed in different directions.
Linda Hershman, MS


LGBTQ Boomers, AIDS, and COVID-19

For many Americans, the time of the Coronavirus is marked by deep fear. For one group, however, these feelings are echoes from a not-distant-enough past. Fear and the invisible threat of sickness and death are all too familiar for LGBTQ baby boomers.
Ciera Coyan

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