MFTs and the Lingering Problem of Child Separation at the Border

In this interview, immigration experts discuss the conditions in many of the home countries of immigrants, their arduous travel, and the challenges faced at the border which have created complex layers of emotional issues, particularly for those children separated from their parents.   

Family Evacuation After the Collapse of Afghanistan: 100,000+ Stories Yet to be Told

Families forced to leave their homes due to war and conflict are a unique category of migration story. Here’s what you should know about the Afghan families currently settling into the U.S. and Canada.
Laurie L Charlés, PhD and Florence J. Lewis, PhD

Systemic Racism and the Asian American Community

An Interview with Johnny Kim, PhD, and Jessica ChenFeng, PhD, regarding experiences of discrimination in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and impacts on emotional and mental health. 

At press time, there are many refugees and displaced persons in various regions around the world suffering with trauma, anxiety, illness, homelessness, lack of food and water, and countless other challenges and hardships.

Recent Issues

Effectiveness of Couple and Family Interventions: A Decade Review

Effectiveness of Couple and Family Interventions: A Decade Review

Topics including Couple and family interventions for depressive and bipolar disorders, couple and family interventions for high mortality health conditions, and Infant and early childhood mental health.

Ethics Issues Today

Ethics Issues Today

Topics including the solid ground of integrated ethical practice, service members, veterans, and their families, and client-generated prejudice.

Body Image and Food Challenges in the Black Community

Body Image and Food Challenges in the Black Community

Topics including black families & body image, the impact of diet culture & weight stigma, and destructive consequences.

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