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We are celebrating 50 years of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (JMFT)! Throughout the coming year, be on the lookout for fun facts and highlights featuring JMFT’s rich history.

Lenore M. McWey, PhD, Professor and Program Director of the MFT program at Florida State University, has officially begun her tenure as editor of JMFT. Members of her new JMFT advisory council include:

DeAnna Harris-McKoy, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of the SMFT program at Northern Illinois University.

Ruben Parra-Cardona, PhD, Associate Dean for Global Engagement at the Steve Hicks School of Social Work and Interim Director, Latino Research Institute, the University of Texas at Austin.

Reenee Singh, D. Sys. Psych, Founder of the London Intercultural Couples Centre and co-Director. Former editor of the Journal of Family Therapy.

Andrea Wittenborn, PhD, Director of the CFT Doctoral Program and Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Michigan State University; she also holds an appointment in the Division of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine.

Sarah Woods, PhD, Vice Chair of Research and Associate Professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

The journal’s new Editorial Assistant is Crystal Marroquin, MS, doctoral candidate in the MFT Program at Florida State University.

The JMFT team has exciting plans for the journal and is issuing a call for papers for a special issue on “Systemic Family Therapy with People of Color” that is being spearheaded by guest editors Dr. DeAnna Harris-McKoy and Dr. Michael Curtis. Please see the call for papers, submit your abstracts, and stay tuned for future calls for papers.

Other articles

Gray Divorce: Splitting Up Later in Life
Ethics + Legal

Demystifying Subpoenas

There’s an authoritative knock on the door of your solo practice. You open it, and a uniformed Sheriff’s deputy is standing there with a clipboard piled high with papers. He hands you one of the documents from the stack—in big letters across the top of a page scattered with numerous signature boxes and quasi-legalese you catch, with a sinking feeling, the words “SUBPOENA FOR WITNESSES.”

Meaning of Aging in a Time of Crisis

Guiding Couples to Repair When Trust Has Been Broken: Setting Expectations with Digital Use

Many couples struggle to form agreements for cellphone and computer use after an affair. Providing guidance to establish expectations around digital use is a valuable service provided by therapists in the field of marriage and family therapy. Setting shared expectations with digital use can be hard to accomplish in any relationship, and post affair, the need for clear, agreed-upon guidelines is of importance for the health of a relationship.
Jody Eyre, MS

Gray Divorce: Splitting Up Later in Life

Mothers’ Lived Experiences with an Incarcerated Son: A Research Brief

With an estimated 2.2 million people incarcerated, the United States (U.S.) continues to have the highest incarceration rate in the world (Beckett et al., 2018). Stress, trauma, and stigma are common negative effects of incarceration on the well-being of the individual and their loved ones (Turney & Goodsell, 2018). For an already vulnerable group, the effects of incarceration can have devastating effects on the entire family system (Beckett et al., 2018; Lee et al., 2015; Wakefield et al., 2016).
Eman Tadros, PhD, Sarah Presley, MSW, & Yenitza Guzman, PhD