AAMFT Announces New Chief Executive Officer: Christine Michaels


After a 10-month process, with the aid of world-class Consulting and Executive Search Firm Korn Ferry, the AAMFT Board of Directors is pleased to announce the successful hiring of the next AAMFT Chief Executive Officer Christine Michaels. Tracy Todd, CEO, will be retiring after 15 years of staff service with AAMFT, 10 of those years as CEO.  

Michaels has been the COO of AAMFT for the last 10 years and has been with the organization for 34 years. Michaels began her career as an accounting assistant and then moved her way up the association to Director of Business Systems and eventually became the COO.  

“The AAMFT Board of Directors is very excited that Chris brings a wealth of AAMFT experience, history, and vision to her already outstanding career with the Association and will guide us into an even more vibrant future,” said Shelley Hanson, AAMFT Board President. 

CEO Todd said, “I’m certainly delighted that the AAMFT Board chose Chris as the next CEO. The Board’s decision reinforces the strong leadership development culture within AAMFT and I’m extremely confident that Chris will continue to advance AAMFT and the profession.”   

Michaels stated, “It is rare that your first job at any company has such a profound impact on your life that you choose to make it your professional home. What started as a job to pay the bills turned into a journey of discovery about and a passion for marriage and family therapy and association management.” 

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