May / June 2021 Volume 20, No. 3

Living with Disabilities

data note therapy talk From the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy—Expanding our international reach: Trends in the development of systemic family therapy training and implementation in Africa Authors Ronald Asiimwe, Elmien Lesch, Michelle Karume, and Adrian J. Blow discuss how family therapy is growing around the world, including in many parts of Africa. Although [...]

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March / April 2021 Volume 20, No.2

Data and Research on Transgender Populations

data note therapy talk “We’re just two people in a relationship”: A qualitative exploration of emotional bond and fairness experiences between transgender women and their cisgender partners: Appearing in JMFT Early View — Trans‐including couples experience systemic marginalization impacting their relationships, yet studies on these relationships or narratives of strength are few. AAFMT Clinical Fellow [...]

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January / February 2021 Volume 20, No. 1


therapy talk Recently on the AAMFT Blog, AAMFT Clinical Fellow Laurie L Charlés, PhD, LMFT, wrote: Multilateral, a term more utilized in international politics rather than family therapy, is about collaboration, and about working together across borders and sovereign states on global issues. Systemic thinkers are natural multilateralists—skilled at lateral engagement—able to work across multiple [...]

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November / December 2020 Volume 19, No. 6

Social Relationships

therapy talk Relationships Matter. Associations Matter. People who are more socially connected to community are happier, physically healthier and live longer, with fewer mental health problems than those less well connected. As a society and as individuals, we must invest in building and maintaining good relationships and tackling the barriers to forming them. Relationships not [...]

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September / October 2020 Volume 19, No. 5

Baby Boomers and the Demographic Shift

therapy talk Within 10 years, all of the nation’s 74 million baby boomers will be 65 or older. The most senior among them will be on the cusp of 85. Experts say the U.S. isn’t prepared for this vast demographic shift and its far-reaching consequences. Never have so many people lived so long, entering the [...]

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July / August 2020 Volume 19, No. 4

Racial Justice

therapy talk We owe it to ourselves, and to the families and communities we serve, to work for racial justice not just at the ballot box on election day, but in our everyday interactions. Our privilege gives us voice in the larger culture. Speaking up is one of the most important ways we can use [...]

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May / June 2020 Volume 19, No. 3

Traumatic Stress and the Pandemic

therapy talk AAMFT Clinical Fellow Tonya Girard is treating some people who have never sought therapy services before. "People who were coping well in their lives, just day to day and didn't really need anybody to talk to, are now finding it difficult to be isolated, sometimes isolated with their families ... They're reaching out [...]

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March / April 2020 Volume 19, No. 2

Economic Inequality

therapy talk As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, it appears to be setting off a devastating feedback loop with another of the gravest forces of our time: economic inequality. In societies where the virus hits, research suggests that those in lower economic strata are likelier to catch the disease and are more likely to [...]

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January / February 2020 Volume 19, No. 1

Teen Views on Social Media

Family Therapists in Schools Join us today! therapy talk Hal Runkel, LMFT, author of Scream Free Parenting, believes parenting has changed in recent decades as a result of the 24/7 news cycle, the internet and the ability to check children's grades, school attendance and whereabouts at any moment. Runkel says, “If we think our number [...]

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