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MARCH / APRIL  2020      VOLUME 19, NO. 2

Working with Low-income Families

Contextualizing Our Work with Families in Varying Levels of Poverty

The foundational philosophies of our field, along with a post-modern lens, frame this discussion about at-risk families and those experiencing homelessness.

DeAnna Harris-McKoy, PhD, Yulonda Washington, MS, and Latisha Wilson, MS

An Overview of Child Maltreatment for Systemic Therapists

Childhood maltreatment can lead to pervasive behavioral, emotional, and relational problems. Therapy should address relationships, as they are at the heart of both maltreatment and the healing process.

Michael Fitzgerald, PhD

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The term at-risk seems to imply individual responsibility for poverty instead of understanding the influence of the macro- and exo-system on individual lives.

Working with Trauma-impacted Families

Systemic therapists working with trauma-impacted families in public mental health systems can offer help through support networks, personal experience, coping strategies and other systemic interventions.
Kimiko Cheeley, MAMFT

Tracy Todd

A Message from the CEO — Washing Away Dated Policies

Any perturbation to routines tests our comfort, knowledge, skills, and experience. For me, a flat tire tests my ability to find my insurance card, locate the roadside assistance number, call that number and wait for a tow truck to find me and change the tire.
Tracy Todd

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