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MAY / JUNE 2020      VOLUME 19, NO. 3

Helping Families Cope During the Pandemic

Interactional Virtual Reality Therapy as a Response to Necessary Social Distancing

In a global moment in which we find ourselves appreciating what can be done to help our clients without being in close proximity to them, it may be an opportune time to look more closely at virtual reality in therapy.
John R. Webb, MS

Adaptation of Therapists’ Theory of Therapy: Preparing for Teletherapy Services

Providing teletherapy is now a necessity, not just an option, for many therapists. This calls attention to issues related to learning an additional skill set and a new set of competencies to provide ethical and effective services.
Jaclyn Cravens Pickens, PhD

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People are connecting with nature in new ways and hopefully, as we move through these troubled times and beyond, people will continue to reap the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors.

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How To Survive Quarantine with Your Family

As families huddle together at home for what seems like an eternity, how can we set ourselves up for success? Concepts like compassion, responsibility, and having a family plan come into play.
Linda Meier Abdelsayed, MA

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Ecotherapy: A Natural Approach for Today’s Mental Health Challenges

The healing and transformative power of nature is well known, and ecotherapy, incorporating the outdoors into psychotherapy, is a growing treatment modality every therapist can be considering right now.
Lauren Kahn, MSW

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Loneliness: Research and Treatment Strategies

Loneliness is having an impact around the world during the pandemic. What do we know about loneliness research and how might we tackle this problem with isolated clients?
Kevin Smith, MS

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COVID-19 and School Closures

Many schools may now be closed, but a systemic therapist working in a public high school explains how she kept students on track with telehealth services.
Mayumi Y. Douglass, MS

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